About Us

Why Creative in TECH:

Why is TECH so complicated and difficult to implement? It doesn't need to be, so we decided to change it!

To make your business more profitable and simpler to manage  through Apps and Tech solutions.

Our USP’s:

We get TECHNOLOGY, we get BUSINESS and we get PEOPLE, our solutions align these THREE to maximise your profitability, team and customer experience.

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Andrea Warner

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Managing Director

Business, Marketing & Coaching expert


Ben Nolan-Stone

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Leisure Sales, Marketing & Planning expert

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Fred Warner

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Engineering, Technology & Business expert

Vision - Why we are here

We will make technology and apps accessible and easy for all business.

Why would you workwith Creative in Tech?

We will help you increase revenue and profit by implementing Apps to improve customer reach

We will help you improve the way you work as a team, and improve your customer experience.

We will ensure you are able to use your solutions easily, effectively and enjoy the value added to your business.

How do we work?

We work with you to understand your business needs and how you would like it to be

We will find the simplest and most cost effective way to achieve your needs .

We will support you now and moving forwards to continue improving your business to make your own life easier and more profitable

Mission - What we do

SmartPhone Apps 

We design and deliver SmartPhone apps to improve your profit and reduce your costs for your business, from holiday parks, food & beverage to staff maintenance management.

Technology Solutions

If you have problems in your business we will solve them through effective and simple technology solutions

Where do Creative in Tech operate?

Located in the UK, we operate UK and Europe.

Who are Creative in Tech?

Andrea Warner - Managing Director

Marketing & Business expert, Entrepreneur


Ben Nolan-Stone - Director

Leisure, holiday park & marketing expert

Fred Warner - Director

Chartered Engineer, Business & Technology leader and Business expert 


Andy Stoner, National Safety Inspections Ltd

Fred is an extremely intelligent and approachable person with a vast wealth of experience and knowledge. He has an excellent way of understanding a problem and establishing ways to decode it 

Bina Menz, Estate Planning

Andrea is an incredible person, utterly professional, entirely knowledgeable and amazing personality to boot. 

Silvano Geranio, Prestige Homeseeker

Ben is an absolute gentleman & a pleasure to do business with. I genuinely like his ethics & recommend him