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9 Reasons to choose Creative in TECH

We're going to keep this perfectly simple for you, because, simplicity is what we do best. Below are the top 9 reasons Creative in TECH are the obvious choice for your new business App:

  • Making technology accessible to all is our mission, and for that to be a reality, we've stripped back the gumph, unnecessary bells & whistles, and deliver you App solutions that work to make your business the stand out company that it is.

  • We create simple, effective, profit building apps for your business! They are bespoke with your branding.

  • With such a streamlined process, your very own business App can be turned around from concept to launch in just 2 weeks! That’s faster than getting a doctors appointment these days. Seriously though, give Creative in TECH the nod and we're ready to make your business dream a profitable reality.

  • Technology doesn't have to be complicated, infact it really shouldn't be. The whole point is to make your life easier, isn't it? We can incorporate your current online booking systems into your App, so you don't need to worry about upsetting the apple cart.

  • Don't have an online booking system or the first clue of where to start? We've got this. Based on your business, current set up and growth plans (let's not think small here), we will navigate then install the right option for you. Get ready for those bookings to start flowing.

  • Need online ordering / click & collect /digital payment services? Our Apps can include the leading food & beverage pay-by-phone software, built in. Easy.

  • We put you in control of your App! You can upload images and offers to your customers with the click of a button, or if that still sounds a bit too technical and a little scary, don't worry, we can manage the whole set up for you. Phew!

  • Creative in TECH are a collective of business owners (Andrea, Ben and Fred) with 60 years experience combined in corporate, SME's and start ups. We understand how hard growing and maintaining a business is. We understand your struggles, we know how many plates you have spinning at all times. We are not here to add to your to-do list.

  • Creative in TECH Apps start from just £99 per month. When an App can incorporate the 'best bits' of your website, online booking, direct marketing facilities (like push notifications) and you are in your clients subconscious everyday, savvy business owners know that a fee so small for all of the above is an absolute no brainer!

Want to know how an App can instantly add value to your business? You can contact us here for a chat. You'll be delighted to hear we won't bamboozle you with technical jargon. How refreshing.

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